Back from Hilton Head Island

This week has been pretty good, I was at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It took a day of driving to Atlanta, picked up my grandma’s brother and then another day to the island. The weather was not all that great, it was partly cloudy or pouring rain for most of the week except the first and last days. I did try to make the most out of the sunny days by going to the beach and we found enough to do while it weather wasn’t so good.

We stayed at a resort in a condo timeshare… the place wasn’t great, the shower was messed up, the faucets were clogged up. It was alright besides those things… we were very close to the beach and had bicycles to ride to the beach and around the island.

On Thursday we had a woman frantically knock on our door looking for her lost son. I found myself spending the next hour looking for him. My stepdad found him after about fifteen minutes, but we had to talk to the cops and wait for the lost kid’s dad, who went looking for him, to come back. It did feel good to help her out and it was a odd unexpected addition to the evening.

Today we left early in the morning and dropped off my grandma’s brother off at Atlanta again, then drove up toward home. We had hoped to reach Nashville or even further, but but we had setbacks from holiday traffic jams to burning semis. Yes, at the Souther Carolina-Georgia border a semi caught fire and we were stuck on the highway for a long time… people were playing football on the median to pass time. But anyway, we didn’t get far enough so we stopped in Chatoonaga for the night.

I took a few pictures while I was there and will post some when I get a chance to when I get home. We should get home tomorrow afternoon, but you never know.

I am tired and Jessie is crying in the hotel room now… so until next time…

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By Reid Burke

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