I got the e815 yesterday. It’s a awesome phone. It plays MP3 music from my computer which I can use as ringtones and syncs phonebook and calendar info with my computer (native iSync support), all wirelessly with the help of a few software changes to enable Bluetooth OBEX (file transfer) and DUN (high-speed internet on my laptop anywhere). Also, I can now take full South Park episodes with me… 😀 I also now no longer have to pay 25 cents to send a picture… so I will be updating my new mobile gallery often. Expect to see photos and movies show up there soon… and comment on them!

By Reid Burke

Hi, I'm @reid. I work on developer tools at Yahoo. I serve at Awakening Church with a focus on technology. I also enjoy riding motorcycles.


  1. I have been looking all over for a way to do what you have just stated so joyfully. I would love to be able to get the pics that I’ve taken with my E815 onto my powerbook (I’ve looked elsewhere but it seems that I need a pc to enable OBEX). Can you help. Please help. Thanks.

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