Band, Steak n’ Shake, Server Move

On Friday we had another field show exhibition at a home football game. It went alot better than last week but we still have work to do… on Tuesday we have Media Night where we perform a exhibition of our show, Mask of Zorro, for anyone interested. We invite the media in particular; thus the name Media Night, but anyone can come. If you haven’t seen our show yet you should check it out at 7pm at the CCHS football field.

After the show Friday I went to Steak n’ Shake… had a good time with friends. They have the best milkshakes around. Here’s me with my buddy Caitlyn:
Caitlyn and Me

Yesterday I had to go to work to assist migrating all of the servers where I work from our old building to the new one across the street. The situation at the old building was getting bad because we were running out of room, espicially in the server room. Observe the horror that is our old server room:
Old Building Server Room
Yikes. The lack of cable management makes this a nightmare to work in. Note the cheap K-Mart fans which help keep the servers cool.

Today, shortly before we started physicially moving servers, I managed to snap this shot of the new server room:
Unfinished New Building Server Room

Visible are the mostly empty racks, patch panels, and switches. By the time I left around 11:45, these racks were filled with about 25% of the servers from the old building. I would have stayed, but due to local curfew laws I can’t drive home after midnight. Which sucked because I am getting great on-the-job experience in setting up a datacenter from scratch… not many people my age can say that. As I write this the rest of the staff there (5 others) were still racking up servers… the rest won’t leave until it’s all done. By sunrise about 99% of our servers will be in the new building.

My department will probably move to the new building on Monday, and I’ll get some pictures of the new finished server room when it’s all done.

By Reid Burke

Hi, I'm @reid. I work on developer tools at Yahoo. I serve at Awakening Church with a focus on technology. I also enjoy riding motorcycles.