First Band Performance, Work Update

I’ve been really busy lately with school, work, and band. On Saturday the Carbondale Marching Terriers had our first and second competition on the same day in O’Fallon and Belleville, Illinois (near St. Louis). We didn’t do as great as we hoped; nevertheless, we were able to beat Marion, a local rival, in both competitions. The other bands besides Marion and us were perdominately from the St. Louis area and therefore very big and well-funded. Most of them used semis to transport their stuff to the event, we just used a relatively small delivery truck.

Historicially, our band doesn’t do too well in the first couple of performances; then we begin to do very well after the newcomers to the band have lost their nervousness and major problems have been addressed. I’m anxious to see how well we will do next time.

For an example of just how big some of these bands are, here’s a picture of a band from around St. Louis performing at our first competition (this picture was taken from the rear of the field):

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If you look near the rear of the field you can plainly see the generator and orange power cable that powered their amps, speakers, and other audio equipment they needed for their pit! Crazy.

For some pictures of our band (as usual, not alot of drumline pictures are up) you can visit the official site’s picture gallery.

At work, we finished moving to the new building on Friday. It went suprisingly well given not too many problems have come up, at least not yet. The server room and our office is a mess, I’ll be able to get pictures after all the dust settles. It’s really nice though.

I’m really tired, so I’m off to get some sleep.

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By Reid Burke

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