Life Happenings

This week has been crazy for me. As some of you may know, I work for SchoolCenter, a local Internet company in Carbondale which creates and hosts websites for schools. We’re moving into a new building in 2 weeks, so it’s been a hectic process preparing the building for the move. I’ve been working 3 hours a day, not bad, but I’m busy every second of it.

School has been mostly alright so far too, I have A’s and B’s in all of my classes. That’s all good.

Last night was our first field show performance of the 2005 Marching Terriers in public at our home football game… we did okay for our first “real” run. There were alot of issues though, one of which was the fact we were missing a bass drum player for the performance and another was sick as well eariler this week. Hopefully we’ll do better next time.

Speaking of drumline, I’ve been busy in the last few days being the new CCHS Drumline Website online. It’s running CivicSpace, a Drupal-based content management system oriented toward group organizing, with features like volunteer signup, an event calendar, and many other improvenments on Drupal. I haven’t learned the theme system yet so it’s using a provided theme for now. I have a design already created, but it needs to be ported to a Drupal-style theme. Anyone out there can help me out with information?

Tomorrow I am heading to a friend’s house for a massive 14 player Halo LAN party. I am bringing an Xbox and the networking equipment to bring it all together. It’ll be insane… I can’t wait.

Eariler today I was listening to a live feed of New Orleans police radio. It’s sad stuff. It’s filled mostly with bus drives giving or requesting directions, probably to get to Texas. I also heard a medical worker talking from a helicopter who needed a place to send a critical patient… I didn’t hear much but it’s late at night here so there probably isn’t all that much going on. Nevertheless, I’ve been reading the interesting blog of directNIC’s Network Center in New Orleans, a small group of people maintaining thousands of websites in the midst of New Orleans using diesel-powered generators and a OC-3 (very fast internet) connection from underground. They are locared in a high rise in downtown, and the pictures they post from that website tell everything, as do the words the author writes about the honest, raw first-hand experience that is living (and working) in New Orleans in the midst of lawlessness and decay. All while keeping their customer’s websites online. If that isn’t reliable hosting, I don’t know what is. They also have a webcam that I tuned into a few hours ago. I didn’t see much, just 2 guys working in an office, but apparently it points out of the building during the day so you can see stuff happening on the street live. If you’re interested in finding out what being there is really like, I’d recommend going there.

According to the Daily Egyptian, the student-ran Southern Illinois University newspaper, SIU will be accepting New Orleans refugees admission into the university without transcripts and at in-state tuition rates. This will be interesting to see people from New Orleans come here to study. I think it’s a good idea.

Well, it’s late here and I’m tired… so that’s all for now. I leave you with Hitachi’s Hard Drive Bling.

By Reid Burke

Hi, I'm @reid. I work on developer tools at Yahoo. I serve at Awakening Church with a focus on technology. I also enjoy riding motorcycles.