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I was given a copy of Front Row recently and decided to try it out on my Mac mini. It’s really nice and fast considering it is designed to run on the faster iMac G5. Music, Videos, and Picture functions all work great with the exception of the DVD player. Still, its pretty impressive to show off to friends and to use when I have people over.

However, I did have a problem come up. The strange issue with Front Row I experienced was after I use it once I subsequently get an error from communication problems with iTunes. When Front Row opens, I have to press Esc for a few seconds to show the media center and press D to exit to the desktop where Front Row hides itself. I noticed that if I quit Front Row manually after I use it and restart it again, Front Row has no problems with iTunes. So I wrote an AppleScript to do all the work for me which I have mapped to a media key on my keyboard.

tell application "System Events"
if (name of processes) contains "Front Row" then
if (name of every process whose frontmost is true) contains "Front Row" then
keystroke "d"
end if
tell application "Front Row" to quit
tell application "Front Row" to activate
key code 53 using command down
end if
end tell

If the script isn’t working for you, make sure you have “Enable support for assistive devices” checked in the Universal Access control panel in System Preferences. Enjoy!

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By Reid Burke

Hi, I'm @reid. I work on developer tools at Yahoo. I serve at Awakening Church with a focus on technology. I also enjoy riding motorcycles.

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