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This weekend I went to the St. Louis Galleria mall with my family. That was mostly boring… but I did get to head to the Apple store:

St. Louis Galleria Apple Store

Where was attracted to the new iPod with video… the screen looked huge compared to my mini I have now. My grandma eventually came in and asked if I wanted it for Christmas and decided to buy it there!

iPod video box

So now I have a new 30GB iPod! I took it out of the box to make sure it worked with my iCarPlay and played around with it awhile before surrenduring it until Christmas. I am really impressed with the iPod’s features and videos looks amazing on it: by using HandBrake I put a few DMB songs from their Central Park concert on it to see what the quality would be like and I’m impressed. It’s also a bit thinner (or at least looks thinner) than my iPod mini. I can now put all of my songs on my iPod… my old mini was running out of room on its 4GB disk. It’s pretty impressive. However, I am not too happy with how easy it scratches: I put it in my pocket and walked around for awhile, then took it out to see that under direct light there were several small scratches on the front. It sucks that it scratches so easily, but they can not been seen with the backlight on. Its still no good though. 🙁

I’d post some pictures of it in action but my digital camera’s battery is dead so I can’t get to the pictures. I’ll try to post some here later.

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