Macworld Keynote is Coming

Apple vs. Adobe
Macworld Expo really kicks off tomorrow… and the main event is Steve Jobs’ keynote at 11am local time (which is Central over here). Many have speculated what Jobs will announce during the event, including possible Intel-based Mac minis or Powerbooks (the former of which is more likely). Myself, I think an update to the ROKR phone is due, given the recent disappearance of the current phone from Motorola’s online store eariler today. Also set to be featured tomorrow is a public beta of Adobe’s Lightroom software, which is aimed to compete with Apple’s Aperture professional photography workflow software. Ars.Technica reported on the head-to-head matchup between the two titles, and, as the picture shows, possbily the two CEOs. Anyway, what’s cool about Lightroom is that it only requires a 1GHz G4 as opposed to a Dual 2GHz G5… so even I can get in on the photography editing action with my Mac mini. You can pick up the beta on Adobe’s website.

Regardless, it’s bound to be a cool event. So be sure to check out the live coverage tomorrow at 11am!

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By Reid Burke

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