BGM Conductor Update

Finally, I’m posting a BGM Conductor update that is compatible with Firefox In case you forgot, BGM Conductor is a Firefox extension that mutes background music when you want it to, and comes in handy if you’re like me and listen to your own music while browsing online. I’ve neglected this for awhile and thankfully in the meantime Limulus made the needed changes and posted a working version of the extension before I could.

In this update I’ve made it more separate from the orginial extension where this version was derived from so it won’t conflict with the orginial (just in case the orginial extension’s developer ever releases a new BGM Conductor version) and it will check for updates on my website as I find more annoying background music formats to block.

So, without further ado, download and install BGM Conductor (Firefox 1.5 Ready)

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By Reid Burke

Hi, I'm @reid. I work on developer tools at Yahoo. I serve at Awakening Church with a focus on technology. I also enjoy riding motorcycles.


  1. Actually, I tried packaging the extension up last November, but I couldn’t get it to install properly. I’ll give it another go today. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long!

  2. It seems that the extension do not work with or higher, is there any way to fix it? It’s a very useful extension and it would be a pity if It get stopped…

  3. G@ry, unfortunately there is a problem with the extension that prevents it from working in 2.0. To make the extension work before, I simply increased the “maximum” allowed version number and added a few more filetypes to the block list.

    However, this time the difference between 1.5 and 2.0 is so great it would require rewriting some of the extension to make it happen. If I get some free time, I’ll look into it again and see if I can work anything out; however, I doubt you’ll see another release anytime soon. Sorry about that.

  4. Reid: I am actually looking for a fix to a Firefox problem ( YouTube and imbedded QTimes will play the video, but there is no sound. This is not a problem in IE, just in Firefox. I was told that BGM Conductor would fix the problem, but now I see that BGM doesn’t work about 1.5. I really want to stay with Firefox and not go back to IE, but this is quite an irritation. Any ideas? Could you email me at I don’t come to this site very often. Thanks, Gary

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