SIU Computer Science Day

Today I attended the SIU Computer Science Day for high schoolers in the area. The Computer Science department hosts many sessions about Linux, basic programming and basic web design. They also host a web design competition, where you have the day to develop a web site design from the instructions they give you. I was the only person who knew any web development skills, so the other 3 people on my school’s team were gathering images and information while I coded everything and designed the graphics in the matter of a few hours.

SIU CS Web Design Contest Entry

The final result is pictured on the right and is available online. We had to use the standard SIU template that used tables, but everything inside of it is pure CSS. Although I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted, it still was fun to make. We got 2nd in the competition, which didn’t really make too much sense. Third place was awarded to a school who used animated GIF headers, tables, and JavaScript that generated a cursor trail (that breaks outside of IE, thankfully). First place was awarded to a school who used tables, uneven text spacing and even a blink tag. The fact that the judges graded all 15 or so entries in 5 minutes didn’t help either. Oh well, you guys can be the judge here.

By Reid Burke

Hi, I'm @reid. I work on developer tools at Yahoo. I serve at Awakening Church with a focus on technology. I also enjoy riding motorcycles.