Don’t Steal Stuff, Especially Sidekicks

Proof positive stealing can have more consequences that a guilty feeling: when a friend of Evan‘s left her Sidekick II in a car and didn’t get a response from calling her lost phone, she was forced to buy a replacement. However, when starting her new Sidekick using her profile, she found pictures and the AIM login for the thieves who took it. For the uninitiated, the Sidekick stores all of it’s content on T-Mobile’s servers, so in the event of loss all of your pictures, data, and so forth is saved and ready to go. As a form of payback, Evan has posted pictures of the thieves and more information about them on his website.

Evan quotes:

Right now, I am more concerned about spreading this story. I want people to realize that what goes around, comes around. If you find a phone in a taxi or elsewhere.. it is NOT yours.. return it….and when u lose an item, then the same will happen for u. This is not a religious endeavor or a moral endeavor….this is a HUMANITY endeavor. I want these people SHAMED into realizing what they have done. The man below in the pic is 25 years old. He should know better.

I couldn’t agree more, Evan. Best of luck to you.

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By Reid Burke

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