No New Calendar Events on iPod Touch?

Apparently you can’t add calendar events on the iPod touch. This makes little sense, and makes even less sense when the ability to add contacts is left intact! (Not that I would like to see that removed also.)

The response from Apple seems to be “it’s not a PDA.” Apple, I thought the iPod was a media player, not an internet device. Come on.

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By Reid Burke

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  1. Sent this to Apple:

    I have learned that the upcoming iPod touch will no longer be able to add calendar events; however, the ability to add _contacts_ is still available. If you can add contacts, why not allow for adding calendar events?

    The ability to use the iPod touch to add Calendar events would be very, very helpful. Adding Calendar events on my Verizon phone is very cumbersome and unintuitive. Besides, I would buy an iPod touch not only to play music while on campus, but to check assignments, catch up on news, etc. using Safari between classes when taking out a laptop would be inconvenient.

    This small feature would making me much more likely to buy this product, because having a device with _very_ basic PDA-like abilities (i.e., Calendar and Contacts apps) would easily justify the smaller storage space.

    Now, a Notes and Mail application would be even more appreciated, but I suppose that’s in the Safari realm of things (i.e. online note apps, webmail) and will be limited to use in wi-fi enabled areas, sadly.

    If you say “the iPod isn’t a PDA”… well, if the iPod is supposed to be a portable media player, why include Safari? Why not limit to the Music Store only? I just don’t understand what you’re trying to do here.

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