Welcome Back

I took some time this weekend and made some changes to the site’s theme. I’ve been drafting some posts of a technical nature and realized that the code just doesn’t look right crammed into a 435px wide space… so I made the post view bigger. “Aside” posts (like this one) are now in the same […]

Solid Prediction

Verizon Wireless Chief marketing officer Mike Lanman on the yet-to-be-released LG Voyager: “We think it’ll be the best phone … this year. It will kill the iPhone.” Uh-huh. Personally, as a Verizon Wireless subscriber, I’d sooner drop my service and buy an iPhone before I keep Verizon and use the Voyager instead. (I’m waiting for […]

Woot Sellout

Deal-a-day site Woot has launched another sub-site: Woot Sellout, which offers deals through Yahoo! Shopping. They’ve been offering stuff for $0.01 for the last few days, which is great if you can stay up until midnight Central time to catch it. (I got three USB mice for $5.03 with shipping.)