Category: Audio

  • iPhone Ringtone

    So, how about that iPhone? I watched the keynote last night and I was amazed at all of the features. Who couldn’t be? If only it was available outside of Cingular… When I’m at work, blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers when I get a call is a bit annoying to other people, so I use […]

  • Roland VS-840: Upgrade to EX

    I received my VS-840 multitrack recorder a few weeks ago and it’s a nice little machine. I am getting started with recording and this will be the heart of my setup. Despite not having anything the plug into it yet I’ve already gotten used to some of its features. However, the total time I can […]

  • Foray into Recording

    This weekend I bought a Roland VS-840 digital multitrack recorder from eBay. Ever since I’ve done audio work for Gimme 5 I’ve been wanting to do my own recording stuff and this is the first step. I plan on using it to do some simple live recording stuff at first and as I gain my […]