Buckminster Fuller’s FBI File

Matt Novak shares Buckminster Fuller’s FBI file: Buckminster Fuller was a world-renowned architect, math-obsessed designer, and affable weirdo. He died in 1983, but Fuller is still remembered fondly today for his geodesic domes and his three-wheeled cars. Despite extensive historical interest in the man, his FBI file has never been made public. Until now. Turns […]

Verizon Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Dollars and Cents

A Verizon customer was quoted 0.02 cents per kilobyte of data usage and was charged 0.02 dollars instead. That is, he was charged 100 times more than he was quoted. However, Verizon apparently doesn’t know the difference between dollars and cents, and all of the reps he speak to believe that $0.02 is equal to […]