Reid Burke

Software Engineer
San Jose, California

Toolmaker helping engineers write great software.

I focus on frontend engineering in TypeScript, JavaScript, React, and Node.js.

Work Experience

Principal Software Engineer

Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

December 2023 — Present

Leading a group of 7 engineers to build the platform for a new Yahoo Mail product.

  • Rewrote app framework for Yahoo Mail to use latest React 18 APIs for streaming server response with 1 second faster FCP.
  • Upgraded React and Redux to legacy-free context and latest versions while keeping all legacy UI working.
  • Reduced pull request build time by 83% using faster test automation on Testing Library with greater test confidence.
  • Rewrote internal Webpack CSS plugin for HMR support. Reduces CSS payload by over 92% with principles like Meta StyleX.
  • Created a multi-process dev server for React Fast Refresh while allowing SSR markup to stay up-to-date for hydration.
  • Removed existing UI component tests and replaced with tests which verify UI outcomes instead of implementation details.
  • Reduced dev server cold startup by over 75% and incremental build time by over 90%.
  • Introduced Storybook to collaborate on UI components with designers using tokens from a design system in Figma.
  • Automated accessibility testing for UI components using Axe Core.

Principal Software Engineer

Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

July 2018 — December 2023

Contributed to the Yahoo Mail web frontend which serves 85 million monthly users with a React codebase created in 2014.

  • Increased mobile web push notification delivery by 100% to 10 million per day with improved state management.
  • Increased Mail Android app installs by 111% to 19,000 per day by identifying and fixing parser bugs saving $6MM per year.
  • Reduced production Yahoo Mail frontend Node.js server memory usage by 50%.

Principal Software Engineer

Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

April 2017 — July 2018

Created tiny 8 KB consent SDK for GDPR compliance and TOS update across Yahoo, AOL, TechCrunch, HuffPost, and others.

  • Collaborated with data teams to create anonymous reporting for real-time consent conversion analytics.
  • Reduced size of standard Yahoo header components from 700 KB to 50 KB while improving security.

Senior Software Engineer

Yahoo! Inc.

April 2013 — April 2017

Contributed to Screwdriver, an open source CI/CD system, which replaced Jenkins at Yahoo.

  • Reduced end-to-end deployment time across all Yahoo products by 20%.
  • Led effort to move 50 Yahoo membership systems from Subversion and Jenkins to Git and Screwdriver without downtime.

Software Engineer

Yahoo! Inc.

July 2008 — March 2013

  • Developed automated browser testing system and visualizer for YUI Library running 120,000 browser tests per commit.
  • Developed platform for Facebook, Mint, and others to build secure JS apps for Yahoo’s homepage with 350MM monthly users.


Midwest Internet Consulting Group, Inc.

March 2004 — June 2008

Developed an education CMS used by 7,000 K-12 schools. Product was acquired by Blackboard.


TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux, Testing Library, Workbox, Jest, Webpack, Babel, Storybook, Service Workers, Format.JS, Node.js, npm, Web Push, Axe Core, Express, Linux, Docker, Splunk, Git, XState, SQL, jscodeshift