Reid Burke

Software Engineer
San Jose, California

Toolmaker helping engineers write great software.

I am not seeking new employment opportunities as of May 2024.

Work Experience

Principal Software Engineer

Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

July 2018 — May 2024

React Platform Lead, Yahoo Mail

December 2023 — May 2024

Led a team of 7 engineers building the Mail web platform for tens of millions of DAU using a React codebase created in 2014.

  • Upgraded React and Redux to legacy-free context and latest versions while keeping all legacy UI working.
  • Removed existing UI component tests and replaced with tests which verify UI outcomes instead of implementation details.
  • Rewrote app framework for Yahoo Mail to use latest React 18 APIs for streaming server response with 1 second faster FCP.
  • Introduced Storybook to collaborate on UI components with designers using tokens from a design system in Figma.
  • Created a multi-process dev server for React Fast Refresh while allowing SSR markup to stay up-to-date for hydration.
  • Reduced dev server cold startup by over 75% and incremental build time by over 90%.
  • Automated accessibility testing for UI components using Axe Core.

Prior work as Principal Software Engineer, Yahoo Mail

July 2018 — December 2023

  • Increased Mail mobile web push notification delivery by 100% to 10MM per day with improved state management.
  • Increased Mail Android app installs by 111% to 19,000 per day by identifying and fixing parser bugs saving $6MM per year.
  • Reduced production Yahoo Mail frontend Node.js server memory usage by 50%.

Senior Software Engineer

Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

April 2013 — July 2018

  • Helped build Screwdriver, an open-source CI/CD system, which replaced Jenkins at Yahoo.
  • Reduced end-to-end deployment time across all Yahoo products by 20%.
  • Led effort to move 50 Yahoo membership systems from Subversion and Jenkins to Git and Screwdriver without downtime.
  • Collaborated with data teams to create anonymous reporting for real-time consent conversion analytics.
  • Reduced size of standard Yahoo header components from 700 KB to 50 KB while improving security.

Software Engineer

Yahoo! Inc.

April 2010 — March 2013

  • Developed automated browser testing system and visualizer for YUI Library running 120,000 browser tests per commit.
  • Developed the first production Node.js service at Yahoo.

Intermediate Software Engineer

Yahoo! Inc.

July 2008 — April 2010

Developed platform for Facebook, Mint, and others to build secure JS apps for Yahoo’s homepage with 350MM monthly users.


Midwest Internet Consulting Group, Inc.

March 2004 — June 2008

Developed an education CMS used by 7,000 K-12 schools.


TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux, Testing Library, Workbox, Jest, Webpack, Babel, Storybook, Service Workers, Format.JS, Node.js, npm, Web Push, Axe Core, Express, Linux, Docker, Splunk, Git, XState, SQL, jscodeshift