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  • Leaving Yahoo After 15 Years

    Today was my last day at Yahoo. I decided to resign after 15 years.

  • California, forever

    California, forever

    Diapers, travel crib, stroller, motorcycle.

  • Kaylee’s 100 Days

    Kaylee’s 100 Days

    Today we celebrate 100 days of life with our daughter Kaylee Nari. We are thankful to God and our family who love us and Kaylee so deeply.

  • Maintaining a BMW G 650 Xchallenge with ChromeOS

    I own a 2007 BMW G 650 Xchallenge. This motorcycle was short-lived and not particularly common. Keeping it running these days requires knowing how to repair it. For BMW motorcycles of this era, the best available repair manual is a Windows program called RepROM which displays repair procedures and allows for searching the manual. My…

  • Hello world: our family update

    Jeeyun and I are new parents to this sweet baby girl. Kaylee Nari was born in June. We are excited, a bit tired, and hopeful for what God will do in our family.