So Much for Online Math Help

So I’m trying to study for my upcoming math course exams. I was recommended by my instructor to use MathXL, “an online homework, tutorial, and assessment system,” by Pearson Education. This web app sucks because I can’t even use the damn thing. The registration process used SSL and required a “strong” password (it complained about […]

iPhone: It’s the small things

Being without an iPhone, I’ve quietly wondered why the iTunes icon was placed on the right side on the home screen instead of the left like everything else. 37signals explains the genius of how the iTunes icon is placed on the iPhone… right above to the “docked” iPod icon. It makes a lot more sense […]

Verizon’s EV-DO Expands to Carbondale, Illinois

Today I noticed my Verizon cell phone now has a EV-DO signal in Carbondale, Illinois. I haven’t seen anything online about this yet, including on Verizon’s coverage locator, so it must have happened not too long ago. It’s about time. I’m sure Carbondale’s 21,000 college students will welcome the ability to watch broadband-speed video clips […]

How the RIAA Tasted Victory

Ars Technica explains how the RIAA won the Thomas case. Judging from the article, the evidence was very clear-cut against Thomas and it’s not surprising that she lost given the circumstances. It’ll be interesting to see how future RIAA trials play out that rely on more contentious interpretation of Copyright law.

Calendar Editing on the iPod Touch May Be Added

If this MacRumors post is to be believed, full Calendar editing will soon be possible on the iPod touch, with Steve himself labeling the lack of editing as “a bug that will be fixed in a future software update.” I’ve always wanted this feature and sent feedback to Apple about it. The touch would fit […]