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  • Ryan Grove: Why I believe in YUI

    Ryan Grove has posted a follow-up on his YUI from the outside post from last week. My blog post on Friday stemmed from my frustration at how it feels to be an outsider wanting to contribute to YUI— frustration that I probably wouldn’t feel so acutely if I hadn’t had the experience of contributing to […]

  • iPhone UI Anti-Examples

    Check out the screenshots of TripLog/1040, The Athlete’s Calculator, and Handy Randy, new iPhone applications from PalmOS developer Stevens Creek Software. Via Gruber, who points out that this really isn’t a joke.

  • YUI Addons Trac Now Live

    I’ve received a great response from the community about my ScrollTabView addon. I’d like to thank all of the visitors and people who have gave their feedback… and especially Eric Miraglia at YUI Blog for mentioning it! You guys rock! I’ve setup a YUI Addons Trac to be the center for my future YUI development. […]

  • Y! Live

    Continuing with recent Yahoo news, the just-launched Y! Live is a new webcasting community similar to or Stickam. Both Y! Live and Stickam allow you to take part in sharing video as a visitor in a broadcaster’s channel, while does not. However, I believe Y! Live’s experience is better than any of those […]

  • WSJ: Yahoo To Reject Microsoft

    Matthew Karnitschnig reporting for The Wall Street Journal: Yahoo’s board believes that Microsoft’s is trying to take advantage of the recent weakness in the company’s share price to “steal” the company. The decision to reject the offer signals that Yahoo’s board is digging in its heels for what could be a long takeover battle. The […]

  • Phantom Vibration Syndrome

    Ever get the feeling that your cell phone is vibrating, but it really wasn’t? Hello, Phantom Vibration Syndrome.

  • Verizon Contract Expires Just In Time for iPhone

    Speaking of the iPhone, it turns out I might actually be able to buy one when it comes out. According to Verizon, my cellular contract expires on 07/07/07… perfect timing for the June release of the iPhone. Awesome!

  • Recently Played: Valencia

    The Space Between by Valencia is a fast pop-punk track that features urgent drums with a melodic moments. I think it’s worth a listen, or check out the music video.