Ryan Grove: Why I believe in YUI

Ryan Grove has posted a follow-up on his YUI from the outside post from last week.

My blog post on Friday stemmed from my frustration at how it feels to be an outsider wanting to contribute to YUI— frustration that I probably wouldn’t feel so acutely if I hadn’t had the experience of contributing to YUI from the inside. I wanted to be frank, but I also wanted my criticism to be constructive, which is why I suggested solutions instead of just complaining.

It wasn’t my intent to be discouraging, and I think I probably should have waited a while and written that post from a place of less frustration. I stand by what I wrote, but I regret that it was couched in negative emotions. I owe the YUI team an apology for that.

Ryan also notes how we’re already addressing his concerns. I’m looking forward to continuing this in the weeks ahead.