Debugging Travis builds

Important Update December 19, 2013 — Travis infrastructure has changed since this post was written. This post remains unchanged for posterity; however, be aware that this setup no longer represents the current state of Travis. Yeti uses Travis CI to the max by spawning lots of PhantomJS processes that are tested asynchronously. When tests start […]

Yeti at YUIConf

Markandey Singh posted a short video of my YUIConf 2012 talk. Dav Glass is seen running around with a camera to show the audience YUI animation tests running with Yeti on various devices. Dav shipped 5 tablets, 1 phone, and an AirPort Extreme to California to make this demo happen. The Write Code That Works […]

Write Code That Works

Dav Glass and I visited the Yammer office in San Francisco this week to discuss build & test tools we use at YUI. We showed off Shifter for building YUI, Grover for testing headlessly, Yeti for testing in browsers, and Istanbul for statement-level code coverage. We use Travis for running most of this stuff in […]

When PHP Actually Is Your First Programming Language

I have read a few articles about how PHP is a perfectly good first language and how it should never be a first. These articles are interesting because my first programming language was PHP† and I have been using it extensively since 2004. One thing is true: it’s really easy to get started with PHP. […]

YUI Addons Trac Now Live

I’ve received a great response from the community about my ScrollTabView addon. I’d like to thank all of the visitors and people who have gave their feedback… and especially Eric Miraglia at YUI Blog for mentioning it! You guys rock! I’ve setup a YUI Addons Trac to be the center for my future YUI development. […]

YUI: ScrollTabView Makes Tabbed Views Even Better

I’ve recently been tinkering with the excellent Yahoo! UI Library. My first contribution to the community is ScrollTabView, an extension of TabView that uses a scrolling animation to switch between tabs. (Just check out the examples.) My inspiration was Panic’s Coda site as well as a few others. Now it’s easy to create a similar […]

Y! Live

Continuing with recent Yahoo news, the just-launched Y! Live is a new webcasting community similar to or Stickam. Both Y! Live and Stickam allow you to take part in sharing video as a visitor in a broadcaster’s channel, while does not. However, I believe Y! Live’s experience is better than any of those […]

WSJ: Yahoo To Reject Microsoft

Matthew Karnitschnig reporting for The Wall Street Journal: Yahoo’s board believes that Microsoft’s is trying to take advantage of the recent weakness in the company’s share price to “steal” the company. The decision to reject the offer signals that Yahoo’s board is digging in its heels for what could be a long takeover battle. The […]