I’m Getting a Wii Tomorrow

I’ve been hoping to get a Nintendo Wii system since it’s release; however, I figured that I would be in for a wait with the high demand and not knowing when more Wii systems will arrive anywhere.

This may not be the case. I received a very reliable tip from an employee at a store not too far from where I live: this store will place a shipment of Wii systems on sale tomorrow. Apparently, very few people know the details about this and I’m really excited to get my hands on one of these consoles. Me and a friend of mine will be heading out early tomorrow morning to claim our Wii systems… I’ll update after I get one!

Update: Yes, I got one. Waited 5 hours, 30 minutes. I love it. Here are some photos from camping at Best Buy.

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Application Received!

Application Complete

Looks like my application did go through after a few hours of waiting for their web site to come back online. The status means it’s waiting to be looked at by a committee. Exciting! I’ll know the decision in a month (December 15).

I still have to send in my applications for several other colleges. They don’t have very tight deadlines though… 🙂 I’ll get to them tomorrow.

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College Application Essays

These next few weeks will be the most difficult of my senior year: getting applications in for college. I have most of them filled out but I still have personal essays (or “statements”) to write for a few colleges. The University of Illinois requires two essays: one for your personal description and one for your professional description. However, each of these are limited to about 300 words in length.

I’ve drafted my personal essay this last weekend and it weighed in at 750 words. It’s extremely difficult to say everything I want to say in such a limited amount of space, and given how these essays can make or break an application, it’s important to get it right. In all honesty, I wish that all colleges would require a personal interview with an admissions officer. That way, I could express so much more and answer concerns or questions that the school might have about my academic, personal, and professional backgrounds… much more so than I can squeeze into 300 words. Impractical? Maybe, but it would be better in my case.

By the way, I didn’t make class president (despite some awesome campaign stickers), but I did make class treasurer. I get to manage money and that’s fine with me! Plus, I got a senior parking space… it’s a win-win.

MySpace Profile Facelift

MySpace RedesignAbout a month ago, I followed the excellent guide to style a MySpace profile over at Mike Industries. He detailed many details about the challenges he faced in his blog that I shared when doing my own (still awful) modifications when I first signed up for a MySpace. I never thought I would be able to have my profile look as appealing as his styled goodness, however, he was nice enough to include some sample CSS for all to enjoy. Finally, I can seperate myself from the thousands of awful profiles that litter MySpace. Yay for Mike!

I took his code and with some changes and my own graphics I finally have a MySpace profile worth looking at (see screenshot at right). I’m very happy with it: it’s about as good as it could look without overlaying the whole page or commenting out chunks of HTML. Check it out, and have a look at Mike’s guide to make your own.

SIU Computer Science Day

Today I attended the SIU Computer Science Day for high schoolers in the area. The Computer Science department hosts many sessions about Linux, basic programming and basic web design. They also host a web design competition, where you have the day to develop a web site design from the instructions they give you. I was the only person who knew any web development skills, so the other 3 people on my school’s team were gathering images and information while I coded everything and designed the graphics in the matter of a few hours.

SIU CS Web Design Contest Entry

The final result is pictured on the right and is available online. We had to use the standard SIU template that used tables, but everything inside of it is pure CSS. Although I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted, it still was fun to make. We got 2nd in the competition, which didn’t really make too much sense. Third place was awarded to a school who used animated GIF headers, tables, and JavaScript that generated a cursor trail (that breaks outside of IE, thankfully). First place was awarded to a school who used tables, uneven text spacing and even a blink tag. The fact that the judges graded all 15 or so entries in 5 minutes didn’t help either. Oh well, you guys can be the judge here.

BGM Conductor Update

Finally, I’m posting a BGM Conductor update that is compatible with Firefox In case you forgot, BGM Conductor is a Firefox extension that mutes background music when you want it to, and comes in handy if you’re like me and listen to your own music while browsing online. I’ve neglected this for awhile and thankfully in the meantime Limulus made the needed changes and posted a working version of the extension before I could.

In this update I’ve made it more separate from the orginial extension where this version was derived from so it won’t conflict with the orginial (just in case the orginial extension’s developer ever releases a new BGM Conductor version) and it will check for updates on my website as I find more annoying background music formats to block.

So, without further ado, download and install BGM Conductor (Firefox 1.5 Ready)

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