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  • Yeti 0.2.26 released

    I’ve released a new version of Yeti, the test runner we use here on Yahoo’s YUI team. Since August 2013, Yeti has automated 33,661,505 tests in CI for us. Today’s release prints useful feedback to stderr when Yeti is used in CI. It also includes a fix for issue #74 (Unable to serve error) and […]

  • You can now debug your Linux-based Node.js application on SmartOS using a core dump. TJ Fontaine: Max Bruning and I decided we wanted to be able to load a core file from a Node.js Linux process and be able to run ::findjsobjects on it in mdb. If you run Node on Linux with –abort-on-uncaught-exception, you […]

  • Collecting code coverage for executable scripts in Node.js is tricky. I’ve ran into this problem a handful of times at Yahoo, so I published a module that mocks stdin, stdout, and stderr and my experience using it in this post for Yahoo Engineering’s tumblr.

  • Raquel Vélez (@rockbot) and CJ Silverio (@ceejbot) are the first hires of npm, Inc., joining @izs and @seldo. I’m excited for this team. Congratulations to all of you! If you’d like to join them, they’re hiring for a Senior Ops position.