FON is Here

Well, my FON router finally arrived today. In cause you haven’t heard, FON is a shared WiFi service. Basicially, if you share your Internet over WiFi, then you can access the thousands of other community-operated FON hotspots too. You can also pay for the service if you don’t want to share or even make money […]

iPod video

This weekend I went to the St. Louis Galleria mall with my family. That was mostly boring… but I did get to head to the Apple store: Where was attracted to the new iPod with video… the screen looked huge compared to my mini I have now. My grandma eventually came in and asked if […]

Front Row

I was given a copy of Front Row recently and decided to try it out on my Mac mini. It’s really nice and fast considering it is designed to run on the faster iMac G5. Music, Videos, and Picture functions all work great with the exception of the DVD player. Still, its pretty impressive to […]