Hello MacBook

I have spent a week with my brand new black MacBook now, and it is amazing. I set it up on Thursday while I was at work. It was extremely simple to set up. I had a external USB hard drive containing a backup of my Mac mini. I just plugged in the drive and […]

Goodbye Mac mini…

After 2 years of solid, reliable, trouble-free operation, my Mac mini suddenly experienced a hard drive failure. Yesterday around midnight I was busy working on a school project in Pages on my Mac mini G4. The songs I were playing were skipping like crazy and the computer gradually slowed to a crawling pace. I restarted […]

Foray into Recording

This weekend I bought a Roland VS-840 digital multitrack recorder from eBay. Ever since I’ve done audio work for Gimme 5 I’ve been wanting to do my own recording stuff and this is the first step. I plan on using it to do some simple live recording stuff at first and as I gain my […]