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  • What was it like to help develop Paper?

    Facebook engineer Jason Barrett Prado answers the question What was it like to help develop Paper? Paper was designed on a principle: content should be respected. Facebook is supposed to be like a glass through which you can see its contents. This has been an aspirational goal for a long time, but in reality many […]

  • Node.js postmortem debugging for Linux

    You can now debug your Linux-based Node.js application on SmartOS using a core dump. TJ Fontaine: Max Bruning and I decided we wanted to be able to load a core file from a Node.js Linux process and be able to run ::findjsobjects on it in mdb. If you run Node on Linux with –abort-on-uncaught-exception, you […]

  • Code coverage for executable Node.js scripts

    Collecting code coverage for executable scripts in Node.js is tricky. I’ve ran into this problem a handful of times at Yahoo, so I published a module that mocks stdin, stdout, and stderr and my experience using it in this post for Yahoo Engineering’s tumblr.

  • npm, Inc. first hires announced

    Raquel Vélez (@rockbot) and CJ Silverio (@ceejbot) are the first hires of npm, Inc., joining @izs and @seldo. I’m excited for this team. Congratulations to all of you! If you’d like to join them, they’re hiring for a Senior Ops position.

  • Upstage is back

    Upstage is my library for building web presentations. Created way back in 2010, before deck.js even existed, it’s the only presentation software I know of built on YUI. Last year I used it with getUserMedia to show multiple live demos of various tablets and phones on the big screen. Since YUIConf and HackSI are right […]

  • Stream Concat Anti-Pattern

    NodeConf 2013 was great. You should go. I learned a lot of new stuff. Yesterday, I applied things I learned there for the first time. I often write code that looks like something like this: var stdout = “”, child = cp.spawn(process.execPath, args); child.stdout.setEncoding(“utf8”); child.stdout.on(“data”, function (chunk) { stdout += chunk; }); child.on(“close”, function () […]

  • When PHP Actually Is Your First Programming Language

    I have read a few articles about how PHP is a perfectly good first language and how it should never be a first. These articles are interesting because my first programming language was PHP† and I have been using it extensively since 2004. One thing is true: it’s really easy to get started with PHP. […]

  • iPhone UI Anti-Examples

    Check out the screenshots of TripLog/1040, The Athlete’s Calculator, and Handy Randy, new iPhone applications from PalmOS developer Stevens Creek Software. Via Gruber, who points out that this really isn’t a joke.