In Loving Memory

God saw you getting tired
and a cure was not to be.
So He put His arms around you
and whispered “Come to Me”. With tearful
eyes we watched you,
And saw you pass away.
Although we love you dearly,
We could not make you stay.
A Golden Heart stopped
Beating, hard working hands at rest,
God broke our Hearts
to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

In loving memory of my grandmother, Wilma Burke, who touched so many lives through her friendliness and devotion to spreading God’s love through motorcycling. She has been reunited with her husband in heaven on March 9, 2005. You will always be with us in your hearts, and we know that we will see you again someday.

2 responses to “In Loving Memory”

  1. 1) that sucks
    2) your grandma was a biker chick? dude, that’s cool. better than my grandma, who is always like “you should diet” and all that junk. good thing she’s by marriage and not by blood, I’d hate to have that kind of ignorance running through my veins (i.e. you don’t insult your grandson’s weight when he complains about your bacon being as hard as a rock because you can’t cook)

    other than that, it sucks having dying family members. I know how it is, believe me…