MySpace Hacking: Hiding Code From IE

Note This no longer works. I use their Profile 2.0 now anyway.

Today I noticed that my MySpace profile looked awful in Internet Explorer. I recently changed some stuff in my profile but didn’t touch my custom CSS. However, after looking through the code, I discovered the problem: MySpace is now scrubbing out “<!” from my profile.

This is bad, because I make use of Internet Explorer’s conditional comments to hide some CSS from the browser. Basically, I was using this:

<![if !IE]>
.yourStylesHere { font-weight: bold; }

Now, the “<!” bit is replaced with “..“, making the conditional statement worthless and exposing IE to what it shouldn’t be seeing.

After some research, I found that the IE-only tag <comment> works just as well as the conditional comment I used before. By simply replacing the conditional tags with the <comment> tag, everything worked great in Internet Explorer (even IE 7).

Now I have:

.yourStylesHere { font-weight: bold; }

This works great. I hope this helps someone!


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  1. Hey Reid —

    Long time no hear 😎

    Just a note that you can do this inside the style tag:

    This will take effect in IE6 and IE7
    .yourStylesHere { *font-weight: bold; }

    This will take effect in only IE6
    .yourStylesHere { _font-weight: bold; }

    This statement would make the box 200px in FF, Safari & Opera, 201px in IE6 and 202px in IE7
    .yourStylesHere {
    width: 200px;
    *width: 201px;
    _width: 202px;

    Doing it this way makes your css easier to read 😎

    Hope you enjoy the new macBook, I can’t wait until Y! issues me one 😎


  2. Hello great! I thought no one would have an answer to this sudden change in the MySpace allowed code list lol.

    Incidentally I really don’t see what the threat to the system it was but cheers!

    With Regards,
    Nicholas Sinclair,
    Slaphead Media LLC.