Commas for Developers

Brent Simmons pays attention to the details and gets right to the point: If your writing — in tweets and especially on your blog and product pages — is full of misspellings and improper capitalization and other errors, I will lose trust in you and your product. If you’re careless with language, are you also […]

Why Small Choices Count

Brett & Kate McKay explain why our everyday choices make or break our integrity. Once you commit one dishonest act, your moral standards loosen, your self-perception as an honest person gets a little hazier, your ability to rationalize goes up, and your fudge factor margin increases. Where you draw the line between ethical and unethical, […]

Serve Del Mar: Timelapse

I was on gum-removal duty last Saturday (so I’m not in this video), but this is a really cool timelapse of another Serve Del Mar project that renovated the school’s teacher’s lounge. Via Jay Kim.

Contempt for humanity?

There is a very real danger of our drifting into an attitude of contempt for humanity. We know quite well that we have no right to do so, and that it would lead us into the most sterile relation to our fellow-men. […] Nothing that we despise in the other man is entirely absent from […]

Medium and Being Your Own Platform

Marco Arment on Medium: Treat places like Medium the way you’d treat writing for someone else’s magazine, for free. I think it’s important to own your own domain, publish content there, and even receive email there. But if not, you’re surely helping somebody for nothing.

Working in the Shed

Fellow procrastinator Matt Gemmell is facing something very relatable: the constant availability of time-sucking distractions and what we can do about it. We have limited time. Our workdays are only so long. Our evenings. Our lives. We spend too much of our time on trivia. Some distraction is healthy and necessary, but we all know […]

Serve Del Mar

For my friends in the Bay Area: Tomorrow, August 3rd, there’s a great volunteering opportunity to help Del Mar High School in San Jose get ready for their school year. We plan to help clean up their campus, renovate the teacher’s lounge, host free health check-ups for students, and more. Here’s what our last event […]