Do For One

Sometimes I cruise around on my Tikit. Yesterday I didn’t fare too well. While making a left turn, my tiny 16″ wheel sank into the ground at 15 mph. The pothole blended in nicely with years of oil stains from years of cars waiting to turn left. I couldn’t keep the bike under control with […]

I’m Going to Zimbabwe

Important update, May 9, 2013: Due to political unrest, this trip will not be happening this year and is tentatively rescheduled for 2014. All funds raised will be put toward a future trip. The original post is below. I am going to Zimbabwe for two weeks this July to serve alongside Hands of Hope Africa […]

The Real Meaning of Friendship

Douglas Gresham remembers the friendships of C.S. Lewis in the 1920s: Now friendship in those days was a bit different from what it is today; friends did not have to agree on everything and often agreed on practically nothing. They were people with whom you could argue all day and yet never get irritated or […]


I’m taking a short break from most of the web and social media from February 13 – 23. I plan to share stuff, but I’ll be treating most websites as write-only. I’ll be working on Yeti at work (writing a lot of unit tests) and video editing at home (lots of Final Cut Pro projects), […]


When I travel home to Illinois, I frequently will work on Yeti for a few days and meetup with Dav. On this trip I’ve done both at the same time. I’ll meetup with him again tomorrow, hoping to finish up some test automation greatness before we take a break for Christmas. This time of year […]

Best Trumps Easy

I work at Yahoo!, building open source software. I build Yeti, but I work alongside the team building YUI. The engineers who built this team, and continue to work on this team, are the reason I have chosen to stay at Yahoo! building Yeti: they choose what’s best over what’s easiest. You work with people […]