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  • “Mr. Market”

    Warren Buffet, from his Letter to Shareholders, 1987 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report: Ben Graham, my friend and teacher, long ago described the mental attitude toward market fluctuations that I believe to be most conducive to investment success. He said that you should imagine market quotations as coming from a remarkably accommodating fellow named Mr. Market […]

  • Panther Beach

    A week ago was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which I spent visiting Panther Beach in Santa Cruz with friends. It’s not the most accessible beach. The parking “lot” is a patch of dirt off Highway 1 and getting down to the beach involves a steep hike. But it’s a great spot if you can […]

  • About Face

    Taken at the Luther Burbank Gardens in Santa Rosa on Flickr.

  • Upstage is back

    Upstage is my library for building web presentations. Created way back in 2010, before deck.js even existed, it’s the only presentation software I know of built on YUI. Last year I used it with getUserMedia to show multiple live demos of various tablets and phones on the big screen. Since YUIConf and HackSI are right […]

  • Status Board at Home

    I have wanted my own always-on Status Board for years, displaying ambient status for things I’d otherwise forget. So, I made one. I used a free trial of Geckoboard to bring all of these stats together. The most useful part of this screen is the graphs on the left that come from RescueTime that let […]

  • A cartoonist’s advice

    Gavin Aung Than created a wonderful comic around a quote taken from the graduation speech Bill Watterson gave at his alma mater, Kenyon College, in 1990. Watterson is the man behind the widely acclaimed Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. The entire speech is full of great advice. Than’s comic is based around this quote: Creating […]

  • Coleman Vista

    Yesterday’s view near Coleman Beach while driving from Jenner to Bodega Bay on SR 1. “I don’t need to see Him walk on it to know He made it.”

  • Commas for Developers

    Brent Simmons pays attention to the details and gets right to the point: If your writing — in tweets and especially on your blog and product pages — is full of misspellings and improper capitalization and other errors, I will lose trust in you and your product. If you’re careless with language, are you also […]