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  • Hello MacBook

    I have spent a week with my brand new black MacBook now, and it is amazing. I set it up on Thursday while I was at work. It was extremely simple to set up. I had a external USB hard drive containing a backup of my Mac mini. I just plugged in the drive and […]

  • Goodbye Mac mini…

    After 2 years of solid, reliable, trouble-free operation, my Mac mini suddenly experienced a hard drive failure. Yesterday around midnight I was busy working on a school project in Pages on my Mac mini G4. The songs I were playing were skipping like crazy and the computer gradually slowed to a crawling pace. I restarted […]

  • Note This no longer works. I use their Profile 2.0 now anyway. Today I noticed that my MySpace profile looked awful in Internet Explorer. I recently changed some stuff in my profile but didn’t touch my custom CSS. However, after looking through the code, I discovered the problem: MySpace is now scrubbing out “<!” from […]

  • Speaking of the iPhone, it turns out I might actually be able to buy one when it comes out. According to Verizon, my cellular contract expires on 07/07/07… perfect timing for the June release of the iPhone. Awesome!

  • iPhone Ringtone

    So, how about that iPhone? I watched the keynote last night and I was amazed at all of the features. Who couldn’t be? If only it was available outside of Cingular… When I’m at work, blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers when I get a call is a bit annoying to other people, so I use […]