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  • How anti-climatic: my admission decision to the University of Illinois has been deferred until March 1. Countdown updated, now only 75 more days to go. Very depressing and stressful, because now I have to consider the worst-case scenario and apply to more colleges before the new year.

  • Recently Played: Valencia

    The Space Between by Valencia is a fast pop-punk track that features urgent drums with a melodic moments. I think it’s worth a listen, or check out the music video.

  • MySpace Profile Facelift

    About a month ago, I followed the excellent guide to style a MySpace profile over at Mike Industries. He detailed many details about the challenges he faced in his blog that I shared when doing my own (still awful) modifications when I first signed up for a MySpace. I never thought I would be able […]

  • Social Currency

    I just read an interesting article called “Social Currency” by Douglas Rushkoff. This guy really hits the nail on the head regarding the purpose of content to most people, both offline and online. Although the article is a bit dated (written in January 2001), the concepts he illustrates are still very relevant today. He explains: […]

  • Recently, I decided to try out Ruby on Rails and see what all of the commotion around Rails is about. I’ve managed to get it setup on my OS X machine by following several conflicting and confusing instructions. Only after I went through the pain and suffering of manual setup did I discover Locomotive, a […]