MySpace Profile Facelift

MySpace RedesignAbout a month ago, I followed the excellent guide to style a MySpace profile over at Mike Industries. He detailed many details about the challenges he faced in his blog that I shared when doing my own (still awful) modifications when I first signed up for a MySpace. I never thought I would be able to have my profile look as appealing as his styled goodness, however, he was nice enough to include some sample CSS for all to enjoy. Finally, I can seperate myself from the thousands of awful profiles that litter MySpace. Yay for Mike!

I took his code and with some changes and my own graphics I finally have a MySpace profile worth looking at (see screenshot at right). I’m very happy with it: it’s about as good as it could look without overlaying the whole page or commenting out chunks of HTML. Check it out, and have a look at Mike’s guide to make your own.